Sunday, September 12, 2010

My First Arduino Projects

I decided to take a break from working on the game to mix things up and learn some about microcontrollers, electronics, robotics, and the like. My ultimate goal is to create some kind of robot I can control with my Droid phone remotely using touch screen controls. I just think that'd be cool. But I'm totally new to this hobby, and as always it's baby steps first, so here are a series of little projects I've already done to learn some of the basics.

The neatest and hardest one is the Wii nunchuck mouse.

Before I got there, I had the Wii nunchuck controlling a servo motor and some LEDs.

This is a simple one using an RFID reader. This is the technology used when you see people hold a card or key fob up to a door to open it or when you tap your credit card on a sensor to make a purchase.

This project uses a photocell to sense how much light there is. The darker it is, the brighter the LED will be.

Pretty lights!

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